Thank you for your interest in becoming a trainer, and representing Team Monkey Jits!

First off so there is no misunderstanding. We coach a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program focused on self-preservation, and personal mastery – competing for all students and trainers is optional.

Secondly, we do not offer a distance learning course. We do have a Monkey-Jits course hub, that if you join us you will be given access too. That hub covers what we feel is the key ingredients in teaching a core jiu-jitsu game, for the mat and the street. The online course, can never replace in-person learning. We offer in-person training events each year in the USA, South Africa, SE Asia and Australia. It is imperative that you seek out training with us in-person at one of these events.

All evaluations for belts, have to be done in person. We also never award a belt to anyone on our first meeting with them. We will honestly assess your game, and work with you to develop your game further. It is imperative to understand that our focus is first and foremost on self-preservation, therefor evaluations are focused on this aspect of jiu-jitsu as primacy. Once we have personally trained with you sufficiently, and feel you are up to the correct standard, we will award you your next belt.

Finally, if you are coming from a different lineage, or group and want to join us, we will accept your current belt, as long as it was awarded by a legitimate BJJ Black Belt from a recognized lineage. We also accept people interest in teaching BJJ, but may not have a lot of experience (we will help you gain the necessary experience to coach with confidence).

Interested in joining? Book a No Obligation exploratory call with Professor Rodney King.

Benefits of Joining the MJ Trainers Program


While MJ as a Program is still in it’s infancy, you will be given access to our emerging online curriculum. We are working hard every month on adding more depth and resources for our MJ Trainers.


While we love the ‘roll’ in Jiu-Jitsu, our curriculum places an equal focus on self-preservation training. As Rickson and many old timers have noted, this has become the forgotten Art of Jiu-Jitsu. We seek to resurrect the importance of Jiu-Jitsu for self-preservation.


Regular training events are held throughout the year in the USA, United Kingdom, South Africa and SE Asia. You can attend ALL MJ Trainer events FREE of charge.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is said to be more than simply grappling, but a lifestyle. W don’t leave this chance. In MJ we apply cutting edge research and methodology to our coaching approach. In MJ helping our students take the lessons they embody on the mat, to supercharge their life off it, is coached purposively.


All MJ Trainers are assigned a Mentor. No matter where you are on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey, you will have someone by your side to help you achieve your personal & business goals.


We understand both for yourself, and your students that they are recognised for their hard work. We do not ‘hand out’ belts, but we will work with you, and guide you on achieving the appropriate recognition you and your students deserve. We also happy to Grandfather belts earned elsewhere, as long as it is from a legitimate BJJ lineage.

James (BJJ Black Belt) in Australia talks about his experience with Team Monkey Jits